Technical ability and raw emotion collide in a masterful blend of ass shaking groove.  Max Miller, guitarist and songwriter, comes from math metal roots but has surprising finesse as well as a phenomenal grasp of melodic construction.  Max's skillful, yet tasteful, guitar tapping has  become a signature Galena trademark.

A yin to his yang, Tres Price crushes his lead guitar role, peppering each tune with his own brand of creativity and style, adding a distinctive element of mystery and ambiance to Galena's overall feel.

To make it even tastier, bass and drums unite to ground Galena's massive sound thanks to Joel Clark and Casey Waters' soul crushing rhythm section.

The melty topping on this kaleidoscope sundae is Melissa Pasciolla, singer and co-writer for Galena. Her soulful powerhouse vocals soar over intricate rhythms and melodies bringing a tangible element to a genre typically reserved for the most musically literate.  

DSC_3427 (1).jpg

Photographer: Laura Sparks Photography

Venue: Sly Grog Lounge, Asheville, NC